Wai Mei + Austin Engagement | Seattle Engagement Photographer

We may live in Texas but that doesn’t mean we only shoot here! We LOVE to travel and book sessions out of state! This awesome couple lives in Texas but loves the PNW. I mean…who doesn’t?! It’s absolutely gorgeous and it just has a look to it you can’t find anywhere else. It’s all natural and green surrounds you everywhere you go. The light there is usually filtered through amazing clouds and gives you the prettiest, softest light ever. It’s glorious!

We met them a day before their elopement to do this session and it was magical! We decided on Saltwater State Park in Des Moines, directly on the Puget Sound. We started hiking around the trails there and the greenery and foliage there is unbelievable. There is just something so moody and mysterious about their forests there. I love the calmness and stillness. It just quiets my soul and fills me with peace. Their dog Dobby joined us and he was hilarious, running around and wanting to explore every nook and cranny he could find.

They changed into a little dressier outfit and we went back to the water, where Wai Mei’s dress proved it was the perfect choice for this location. I love how comfortable they are with each other. They just seem like they fit and they really came alive in front of our cameras. The last few pictures are my faves I think. They really show how these two are all the time together. Laughing and being silly and truly joyful in each other’s presence. They make me smile and really, this is the best part of my job. Being able to capture a couple’s identity together. It’s such an honor and seriously, the coolest job ever! What a blessing this job is!

So if you want something different for your engagement session and you like to travel and explore and hike and be surrounded by nature, we are so down to travel with you! We love Texas but being in new places just sparks our creativity and the images and footage we get when we go adventuring is unbelievable! So let’s go!! Who’s next?!



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