We are the silver bears

Silver Bear Creative is a family business. Allison (wife/sister), Kris (husband), and Ryan (brother) are the creatives that make up our wedding photography and videography team

Allison - Photographer

Allison is the main photographer in Silver Bear land and has a team of associate shooters that you may see on your wedding day as well. While she loves creating beauty through her camera and is living her dream job, her greatest joy is being a mother. After years of struggling, Kris and Allison were blessed with triplets who are known to the world as The Lezonlings! If she isn’t working or homeschooling her kids, she is dreaming of traveling. Nothing moves her soul more than exploring and creating memories with her family. She is obsessed with sloths (long before they were popular), a lover of all animals, feels at peace by the ocean and margaritas are her drink choice most of the time.



Kris - Videographer

Kris is fond of words that start with "B". Beards, Beers, and Bears. His facial hair has brought joy and merriment to many across the country. It is very surprising that he does not have a craft brew in hand in this pic. His spirit animal is the majestical bear, obviously. Kris cannot dance, but still tries to anyway. On a serious note, he found his calling over 10 years ago, picking up a video camera. He's been obsessed ever since. Many years later and dollars spent, Silver Bear is spawned. His ambition is telling your story through beautiful visuals and captivating audio.

Ryan - videographer

Ryan understands you. He gets you. Knows how to make you look good. Feels the right moment to dance his way into the circle and capture that face you may not want everyone to see. We call it stank face! His goal on your wedding day is to be a positive and fun presence, never adding to any stress that the day could bring. From a creative outlet, to a hobby, to a profession, making films has become a part of who Ryan is. While he physically cannot grow a beard, he can make a mean batch of homemade salsa, is an avid hunter, and is a beginner yogi soon to be master. Namaste!

What makes us different


Photo & Video

We are at our best when we create together! Our flow is seamless and we know how to work without being in each other's way. We joke with you, get you moving and having fun! And you will probably see us dancing with you at the reception! Trust us and we'll create beauty for you!


we are family

Not only are we blessed to be able to do what we love for a living, but we get to do it with the people we love most in the world. This isn't a business that is here now and will be gone tomorrow. Our vision is BIG and our dream is that one day, our children will be joining us and taking over. This is all we do for a living and we are dedicated and all in...110%!


love unscripted

While we love Instagram and Pinterest and all of the inspiration you find there, we love authenticity even more! Our style is real and unscripted. Of course we have to get those formal shots, but the rest of the time we prompt you instead of pose you. While we get detail shots, we don't bring any props with us to style photos. We love moments and feel those people shots will be treasured far more in 20 years then pretty Pinterest shots.

Ready to be a silver bear?