There are a lot of keywords floating around the wedding industry to describe the type of style the photographer and videographer takes on. We’re sure you’ve heard them all: Photojournalism, editorial, documentary, fine art, etc. We find it MUCH easier to just explain here what our style is rather than give it one or two descriptive words. We like to think that our style is a mix of  “story telling”, "cinematic",  “fine art portraits” and “traditional portraits” (for family shots only) So lets break down what that actually means:

Our approach (a typical wedding day):

(keep in mind this is just meant to illustrate our approach to documenting the day, and we love when couples go “off script” and do things completely different, ie: no wedding party, smaller intimate weddings, etc.)

We take a very hands off approach to wedding photography and videography (until it comes to family portraits+couples portraits). We like to cover the full day from getting ready shots, just before the dress goes on until your final exit of the night (typically 8-9 hours) During the getting ready process, we like to just blend in with the room– so you don’t feel awkward with us sneaking around the room silently or giving you a million cues and directions. Apart from occasionally suggesting you place yourself in a spot in the room that has better light, we really don’t direct much at this point.

Throughout the day we will be taking all sorts of story telling shots including scene setting photos, shots of the outsides of buildings or rooms before the guests have arrived, shots that tell more of the story of what the day felt like, what the weather was like, etc.

At this point couples will either choose to have a first look and do all of their photos prior to the ceremony – so they can hang out with their guests during cocktail hour, OR wait until after the ceremony to do the photos.  We spend roughly 20-30 min on wedding party photos, where Allison will take two or three really great group shots, an individual of you with each bridesmaid and groomsmen, a shot of the groom with your bridesmaids, and a shot of you with the groomsmen. These shots are similar to the family photos, they are timeless and classic and half will be camera aware (looking at the camera) and she will have you interact for the other half.

We then like to spend about 30 min on photos and video of the two of you. We will start with shots that are camera aware, and the rest will be more interaction. We encourage our couples to snuggle in close together and really embrace this time as its the only time they have together alone for the entire day. We try to read the vibes from each couple to see what they are comfortable with – sometimes couples are less touchy feely than others or want more direction than others. For the most part this process is a collaboration between you two and us as a team. The biggest piece of advice to getting great photos is to relax and embrace the process.

Moving forward, during the ceremony we are completely hands off and do not direct a thing. We document everything that happens and try to get as many reactions from your loved ones as possible. We have equipment that allows us to be on the sidelines, as unobtrusive as possible, out of the way of guests, but still capturing those moments and facial expressions close up. Our goal is for you and your guests to not even notice we are there.

During the cocktail hour, my 2nd shooter (if there is one) will float around looking for moments and emotions. We love getting group shots of your guests so you can remember everyone that is there. If there are any additional formal photos needed with other groups of friends or family, this is a great time to do them.

Then its party time! We love getting right onto the dance floor for some epic dance shots! First dances and toasts are all captured as well, not only focusing on you two and the wedding party, but your guests as well. 

Allison’s “style”:

In terms of the actual look of my photos, I deliver both color and black and white. Some images just stand out to me b&w, but I will give you the color version as well. The feel of the photos will directly relate to the energy of the day, so if your day is full of laughter and silliness – it will totally shine through in the images, just like if the day is quiet, intimate and gentle – the photos will encompass this vibe. My goal is to give you classic and timeless images that convey the emotion and beauty that was present on your day, so that you will look back in 10, 15, and 20 years and relive your day with a huge smile on your face. Not be disappointed because the images look outdated and not like yourself.

Our ideal client:

-Doesn’t fuss about the little things (the color of the chairs, each individual flower in your bouquet, etc). After witnessing over 100 weddings, we are very aware that things don’t always go as planned. We jive really well with clients who also understand this and can let go of some of these, and get back to being in the moment and enjoying the day with their loved ones.

-Is more interested in organic and authentic images instead of tons of “detail shots” (ie: close up of the ring, shoes and dress by themselves, etc) We do capture everything, including details (usually by the 2nd shooter) but we have found in the past, that when we are spending time creating a perfectly staged photo of a pair of shoes – there are 15+ other things happening behind us that we are missing. It could be a small hand hold or glance to you from your Mom, or your best friend writing her speech and tearing up while finding the right words to describe your friendship. Our clients understand that these items look way better documented on their bodies, than on a coffee table. 

-Values the relationships in their lives and the people at the wedding. Our inspiration on a wedding day comes from the beautiful love between you and your guests, so the bridezilla types need not apply ;)

-Values photography and videography. This sounds like it might be a no brainer, but it’s super important that we are not just hired because you need a wedding photographer and videographer, but because you want one, more specifically you want the story of the day captured, from our perspective. We are going to come into your wedding day with our own background, emotions and connections to people in own own lives, these have all shaped us and give us a particular lens to watch your day though. We will watch, and document your day as it unfolds. We will take your 3000+ images home, and create a story for you, a retelling of your day, using only 800-900 of those images. The images chosen will provide an emotional narrative of how we perceived your day, which will replace the memories you actually have and 30, 20 maybe even 10 years from now, this narrative will be the memory of your day. You are not just hiring a person to take photos or film your wedding ceremony, you are hiring someone to literally create your memory of one of the most important days of your life.

So now what?

If this feels like a perfect match then hit us up and lets get chatting about your wedding day! We want to know all about your plans and your relationship! We can't wait to meet you!

I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-shirt because it says I want to be formal,

but I’m here to party.