We are a creative team who truly come alive when we are sharing in YOUR story. Your wedding day, the birth of your children, your growing family. We are storytellers to our core and we love capturing beauty in all of its forms. Every wedding is unique, every child is beloved, and every family is special. Only through film can you produce images and sights that you will remember and cherish forever. This is not just our job, but our passion!

Our goal is to give you images and films that you will not only love but share with your family for years to come! 

Allison Lezon


Allison likes sloths.  Three toed sloths to be exact.  "Like" may not be the right word.  Borderline obsession may be a better way to put it.  Her ultimate dream is to book a destination wedding to somewhere near the three toed sloths dwelling place where she can carry out a sloth abduction.  She'll likely call it a re-habitation or foster home situation, but let's be honest...it's abduction.  Some poor sloth family will be without it's momma sloth.  Not cool Allison, not cool.

Kris Lezon


Kris hasn't shaved in over a year.  That's dedication right there! Think about it....what have you been that dedicated to for over a year?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  That makes him superior at...well, really just beard growing.  That's still pretty sweet though.  Don't you want your videographer to be that dedicated?  We thought so.

Ryan Hopkins


What Ryan lacks in beard growth and sloth infatuation, he makes up for with hard work and a receding hairline.  Let's get this straight, hard work is appreciated.  Let's get another thing straight, hair just gets in the way.  Ryan has figured out both of these things and is doing them both well.  He also knows when to use the word well instead of good and whom instead of who.  In addition to those words, he also knows that irregardless isn't a real word.  It's just regardless.

Did we just become best friends?